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Mark'em Line Locating Services Ltd.

Serving Lac. Ste Anne county, Parkland county, Barrhead county, Sturgeon County

Proudly serving our community for over 23 years. We are a local, family run business that specializes in underground utility and private line locating services. Our office is located in Onoway, which ensures rapid response times for the neighborhood that we serve and share with our customers. Our main objective is keeping our clients safe by providing accurate, reliable locates every time. Contact us today for a FREE quote and we will do the rest.


Here is how to do it:

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2) Locate

3) Excavate


The first thing to do with any ground disturbance project is to submit a request for an Alberta One Call ticket. They will then arrange a technician to come out and mark their primary underground utility lines that may or may not cross your property. They WILL NOT mark any "secondary" or "privately owned" third party lines. That's where we come in. Contact us for more information and a FREE quote today! 

We will then arrange a convenient time and place to meet with you to locate and properly mark any underground "secondary" lines that may be in question. We mark: power, gas, phone, water and sewer lines as long as there is an accessible tracer wire available. If no tracer wire, we do offer fish tape locates at an additional cost.

Once Alberta One Call has marked out their utility lines, and a Mark'em Line Locating technician has marked out any additional secondary lines, all there is left to do is dig with care. This procedure is standard for any ground disturbance project, and failure to follow these steps can result in damage to equipment, and/or serious injury if a live line is struck.

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Gas - Power - Data - Water - Sewer

Today's underground infrastructure is a very complex, and important system. It provides heat, electricity, TV/internet, water, septic and other critical services to keep your home or business functioning properly. If you are planning a project that requires any type of excavation, it is very important that you have the above utilities clearly marked prior to digging, in order to avoid damage to property, costly repair bills, and more importantly, injury or death.

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Onoway Alberta Canada

1 (780) 970-2679

Thanks for supporting local business and contacting Mark'em Line Locating!!!

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